Sean Connery Makes Yet Another
Comeback As The Legendary Agent OO7


Sean Connery and Barbara Carrera in
1983's rogue Bond movie "NEVER SAY NEVER AGAIN"

MIDNIGHT Staff Writer

His name is Bond. James Bond.

Because no matter how many times he announces that his next film as 007 will be his last, Sean Connery always comes back for more - more babes, booze and bullets. So it should come as no surprise to Bondsmen (and women) the world over that Connery - is returning again as the invincible British secret agent in what he and producer Kevin McClory are touting as the thrilling-est Bond thriller of them all.

Set in the Bahamas, it will be called simply "James Bond of the Secret Service." The script is an original screenplay by McClory, Connery and Len Deighton, the British suspense novelist.

"This will be the best Bond movie yet." declared an enthusiastic Connery. In typical Bond fashion, he was lying in the sun at the Golf Club in Marbella, Spain, sipping a martini, when MIDNIGHT interviewed him.

"Of Course, I'm a few years older now than when I made the first Bond film and a little heavier, but it won't make any difference. I'll go into training and lose some weight. I'll slim down to the original Bond."

Bond's weakness for opulence will be exploited to the most outlandish degree yet, according to McClory. Bond will occupy a penthouse at the top of the world's tallest building. It will revolve so he can follow the sun and also watch bad guys everywhere through a fantastic electronic telescope.

At his disposal will be lasers, a sports car designed by Rolls Royce with an ejector seat and parachute, even a tiny rocket plane that goes 2,500 miles an hour.

The ejector seat will get him out of an extremely uncomfortable situation during an auto chase. As the parachute floats down and his pursuers lick their chops, Bond, with the help of a laser beam, will guide the rocket plane beneath him, straddle it and escape once, again.

"Of Course, there will be some great punch-ups," Connery said, warming to the subject. " But on 007's staff will be a crew of six beautiful girls, all karate experts.”

“There is to be a great fight scene in a club when enemy agents surround Bond. The girls will be dancing and as the agents close in on Bond the girls attack from the stage.

"Enemy agents will be flying around the club like butterflies, going through walls and windows as the girls hurl them at each other. James, of course, watches coolly, giving the odd piece of assistance."

As usual, says Connery, beautiful girls will abound.

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